• #KarineSultan

    Posted on October 30 2017

    We love seeing how you style our jewelry!  To be honest with all of you, Karine herself goes through all of our social media accounts daily, curiously looking for new...

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  • Gold Is Bold: 5 Ways to Heat up Your Summer Look

    Posted on July 05 2017

    The hot weather is here, and it brought hot trends with it. The title gave one away: gold jewelry against a gorgeous tan is in again this year. So are...

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  • Fringe x Tassels....Let Me Count The Ways

    Posted on April 07 2017

      Dipped in Gold Or Silver? Doubled Wrapped Twice or Tied in a sexy knot? Hung loosely around the collar. These are the infinite ways you can rock our all...

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  • The classic choice between Gold and Silver

    Posted on March 23 2017

      In the Karine Sultan collection, we have an array of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings that come in both GOLD & SILVER. Customers often ask us how to choose between these timeless choices for red...

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  • Our Favorite Holiday Earrings!

    Posted on December 02 2016

    It's that time of the year again, and this year more than ever, we have got you covered! Everyone loves holiday shopping, but it can quickly become overwhelming... Here at...

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  • Cuff Love: Featured In Glamour Magazine October Issue 2016

    Posted on September 29 2016

    Karine Sultan cuffs enhance your style with flair. Our cuffs are known for stealing the fashion scene.  Karine's architectural ideas are hammered deeply into each flawless design. Whether you are...

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  • How to Properly Care for Your Jewelry

    Posted on August 21 2016

    The right accessory can make or break an outfit, can be a conversation piece, and can help you feel confident and beautiful. Your jewelry makes a statement about the kind...

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  • 3 Tips to Master Do It Yourself Necklace Layering

    Posted on July 12 2016

    Layering your necklaces breathes life into old pieces that have gotten stale in your outfit rotation. Every necklace you own now serves double duty as its own piece and a...

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  • The Perfect Group Gift for Bridesmaids

    Posted on July 07 2016

    Everyone gets a little stressed out before the big day, the snappy, demanding, and frankly unseemly displays that used to be popularized as the bride’s right have been dwindling to...

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  • Spring Break Style

    Posted on March 02 2016

    It’s March and college students everywhere are gearing up for one of the best times of the year – Spring Break! Spring Break is an opportunity to let loose and...

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  • Jewelry Recommendations for Your New Year’s Eve Party

    Posted on December 30 2015

      2016 is almost here and that means that those late night, crazed, and colorful parties are just around the corner. A New Year’s Eve party is the perfect place...

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  • Perfect Holiday Gift(s!) for Your Mother: She Deserves Something She Will LOVE

    Posted on December 05 2015

    The second post in our Holiday gift series is about choosing the perfect Holiday present for your mother. As the Holidat season begins, daughters and sons are searching for the perfect gift for...

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  • Perfect Holiday Gift(s!) for Your Girlfriend: Get Her Something She Will LOVE

    Posted on November 30 2015

    As the Christmas season begins, boyfriends all over the world are starting to panic. What kind of gift is perfect for their girlfriend of 6 months? Of 1 year? Of...

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  • What Khaleesi and Rihanna have in common: "Bohemian Goddess" Style.

    Posted on October 21 2015

    Two powerful women at the top of their Respective kingdoms: Khalessi in the Game of Thrones television series is known as the “Mother of Dragons” in her kingdom while Rihanna...

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  • Pearls Fit Every Era

    Posted on August 19 2015

    First off.. here's cliffsnotes version of pearls' history: Pearls began their influence on the world of fashion as a protective device to keep the soul inside of the body and to...

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    Posted on June 15 2015

       Want to win Halle Berry Set By Karine Sultan?1. Like our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/KarineSultanJewelry2. Share the post about the giveaway, comment and tag 2 friends.  Do you want to increase...

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  • Hollywood Wears Karine Sultan

    Posted on May 18 2015

    Karine Sultan created stunning and often praised fashion jewelry pieces in her native France for more than two decades before relocating to Los Angeles in 2007. Since her arrival she...

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