3 Tips to Master Do It Yourself Necklace Layering

Layering your necklaces breathes life into old pieces that have gotten stale in your outfit rotation. Every necklace you own now serves double duty as its own piece and a versatile role in your layering process. Though you can buy gorgeous necklaces that achieve the layered effect, you don’t have to. Here are three tips that show you how to move beyond the “three plain chains” and “pre-made layer” necklaces looks.

1. Pick your boldest piece first

When you’re building your necklace layer, look to the boldest piece for inspiration. You don’t have to pair a big pendant or a chunky collar with thin, plain chains, but you should decide which necklace is going to be the anchor for your look. It can fall anywhere in the length; the first, second, or third layer are equally great places to put your centerpiece necklace.

If you want to have a lot of attention at the base layer, selecting a bold statement piece, like Wendy, is the way to go. You will need to plan the rest of your layers around it; you don’t want to distract from the beautiful tassels.

2. Don’t worry about your top’s neckline

One of the major concerns with necklace layering is trying to determine where the neckline should be on your top. Your neckline essentially becomes a fourth length you are trying to juggle instead of three, making things too complicated. At the end of the day, any neckline works with a necklace layering. From turtlenecks to something low cut and flirty, necklace layering compliments the amount of skin shown. If you’re worried that the necklace and neckline match too closely, simply swap out the necklace for one a few centimeters shorter or longer. Part of the beauty of layering is that such modifications are easy to do on the fly.

3. Pair same length necklaces together

The most classic necklace layering look is three necklaces of three different lengths. It’s elegant, it elongates the body, and you can show off each necklace fully. Just don’t stop there. In addition to a gradual lengthening chain, layering necklaces is perfect for pulling off an over the top chunky collar look. You can also drape long necklaces of different styles together for a textured long look. The beaded necklace, Lina, would make a great companion to an elegant chain, such as Romane.

Don’t despair; necklace layering is the fashion trend that’s here to stay! It opens up options from your wardrobe and gives every necklace you own a chance to complete many more looks. You’re going to be getting more wear out of your jewelry collection as you freshen your outfits with different combinations. Don’t worry about buying jewelry you might not otherwise wear; if you’re not a fan of chokers or collars, you can achieve this great look without paying for pieces you don’t love just by following this advice.

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