About Us

SINCE 1986


Our namesake brand is the result of the Sultan family (thirty-years and counting) journey in jewelry design and manufacture.

What started out as a single woman's journey in 1986, became a mother-daughter adventure in 2015, when Karine's eldest daughter, Margaux joined the family business.

It is very important to our family to remain a family owned and operated business…

We remain committed to being personally responsible for every aspect of the pieces we offer. We try to monitor every package that goes out to you, handwrite every single note you receive and read every message you leave with us. Our line is our life's work and we nurture it as such.

Yes, they have their well known reputation to keep up, but that is not the duo's main focus. Karine and Margaux are most concerned with the happiness they can give others by maintaining that artistic level of excellence that has given them so much joy.


You can catch our designs on some of the most popular celebrities in the world (Halle Berry, Angela Bassett, and Alicia Keys to name a few, in countless magazines, films and on television. But at the end of the day, Karine's first priority has always been to create elegant, yet affordable jewelry for every woman.

She was first inspired by watching passersby. This is the audience she still connects with most, and for whom she keeps designing. Her jewelry shines, whether it is worn by someone strutting down the red carpet or casually walking down a city street.

The joy women feel when opening their Karine Sultan box remains her greatest reward!