Karine's Story

Karine has never gone to design school.

She's naturally gifted (although she'll never admit it..!) with raw talent and a pure love or art. Her creative journey began 30+ years ago, at the heart of the heart district pf Paris!

Karine has always believed that looking chic didn't have to mean going broke. For Karine, there should be room for expression on any budget. All you need is a little Je ne sais quoi! 

For the past 30+ years as a jewelry designer, she has secretly nourished the dream of designing under her own name and finally got the change in 2007, when she launched her namesake brand. Believe it or not, Karine is behind every single package that goes out to her customer because she wants to provide her customers with the very best experience she can. Receiving a sweet note from a customer after receiving their package, or seeing someone wearing one of her designs in the street are the biggest joy for her.