Our Jewelry

At Karine Sultan, we strive to bring exciting and unique designs. We take pride in using only the best materials for our jewelry!

The pride in craftsmanship is especially important to Karine since she would never dream of signing off on a piece of jewelry she would not wear herself or be proud of seeing on others.

Our entire line is made from a flexible metal called pewter, that is then plated with 24 karat Gold and/or Sterling Silver. Everything we make is nickel/lead free and hypoallergenic. Our jewelry is all handmade and texturally hammered, polished, our brushed. Our designs are cast, forged, shaped and accentuated with crystal gems, natural stones and druzies, leather, beads, or soft, glowing faux glass pearls and freshwater pearls.

Karine doesn't believe in fashioning seasonal pieces that fade in a few months or items made from cheap materials that quickly need to be replaced. She doesn't follow trends; she aspires to set them. She loves to take chances and as a result her designs have been called audacious and trend-setting. She comes out with hundreds of new designs every year - so if you are looking for something specific but can't find it on our website, give us a call! Chances are we have it!

Karine designs all of her jewelry with your comfortability in mind, making them lightweight for you to easily wear all day long and far into the night! Her cuffs are also slightly flexible for you to adjust to your wrist and all of her chains carry a clasp making them versatile enough to let you express your style as you wish.