Why Mixed Metal Jewelry Is So Popular

The world's jewelry industry was worth $228 billion in 2020; and with white gold and silver being the most preferred by women, it's no wonder mixed metal jewelry is so popular. Wearing mixed metal jewelry resonates with women all over the globe who desire a modern Je ne sais quoi look.

From cuffs to charm bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and clip-ons, women are donning beautiful pieces made of different metals that are elegant and economical to draw attention to their outfits.

Want to stay up to date on mixed metal popularity and learn how to clean your jewelry at home? Read on, learn how easy it is, and discover a selection of Karin Sultan's unique and affordable mixed metal jewelry.

What Is Mixed Metal Jewelry?

Mixed metal jewelry is just what it sounds like jewelry that uses two or more different metals. But you can use different metal types to create your unique look. Bi-metal is the most common example of mixed metal jewelry, which uses gold and silver in a single piece.

Mixed metal jewelry is also called "collision jewelry" when it's made up of two or more different types of metals. As long as there are multiple different metals and more than two types of precious metals in the same piece, or at least one precious and one non-precious, you have mixed metal jewelry.

Even though the usual combination is silver and gold, you can also find mixed metal jewelry with copper, brass, bronze, pewter, nickel, and steel.

The great thing about mixing metals is that it doesn't always need to be an either and or situation. You can wear everything with gold or all silver, or you can mix them however you want.

Combing Gold, Silver, and Other Metals to Create Unique Jewelry Designs

When you think of mixed metal jewelry, it's easy to imagine a piece that combines gold and silver. But that's not the only way to create mixed metal jewelry. In fact, there are many different ways you can combine metals for your own unique designs.

One of the most popular is by using copper and sterling silver together; this is often done because copper has a rich look that complements the cool tones of sterling silver quite nicely.

Another standard method combines two different types of gold: yellow gold, rose gold, and sometimes even white gold. Mixing different types of metal into one piece can be fun to create something unique while still sticking with what you love. After all, everyone loves shiny things.

Mixed Metal Jewelry Combines Various Color Tones of Metals

It's essential to know the difference between gold, silver, and other metals that can be used in jewelry. And there are many different types of gold jewelry, from gold vermeil to plated, white to rose, and of course, solid gold.

Gold-colored metal is called gold-filled, also known as vermeil. It has a thin layer of gold electroplated on top of another metal to give it an authentic look. It will have a karat stamp indicating its percentage of gold content.

Sterling silver also has a thin layer of silver electroplated on top of another metal. Although, it must contain at least 92% pure silver by weight; otherwise, it's considered "silver plate" or "silver plated" and not sterling silver.

If you don't see the word Sterling stamped on your jewelry piece, check with your jeweler or read the fine print; it may say "sterling silver" somewhere in there.

Why Is Mixed Metal Jewelry So Popular?

Mixed metal jewelry is trendy, classic, and easy to wear. It's also a great way of changing your look without spending much money. The idea behind wearing mixed metal jewelry is to create a sense of fun and excitement in your look by adding some unexpected color or texture.

It can also help bring out the best in an outfit that may be lacking in certain areas, such as the tint and touch. If you're wearing a plain skirt or top but want to add some sparkle without going overboard on too much bling, a pair of earrings made from mixed metals might be just what you need.

Wearing mixed metal jewelry brings a flare of uniqueness to your outfits and style.

A Classic Look That'll Be Trending for Years to Come

Mixed metal jewelry is a classic look that never goes out of style. You can wear it for many years, and it's always in fashion. It's also an excellent investment since gold prices have been steadily increasing over the last few years, and silver is less expensive than gold.

You'll be able to wear your mixed metal jewelry with many various outfits and still look fashionable, making it easy to switch up your look for any occasion.

Mixed Metal Jewelry Is Super Easy to Wear

Mixed metal jewelry works with any outfit, hairstyle, makeup, and mood. This type of jewelry can be worn for any occasion and at any age.

Just think about it: you can walk into your closet in the morning and wear a mixed metal necklace with jeans and a t-shirt or dress it up with a little black dress. This outfit can be on for the office or going out on the town; you'll always look stylish and polished no matter what you wear.

You Can Switch Up Your Look Without Buying New Pieces

Because of the wide variety of metals and shades, you can create a new look by switching up your accessories. If you've got a gold necklace that's too shiny for the occasion, try pairing it with some silver earrings or rings.

Your jewelry can still match, but by using mixed metal jewelry, it won't be over-the-top. For instance, say you have a rose gold ring that looks worn out, if you don't want to clean it just yet, try adding an accent piece in blackened silver to give it some shine again.

The same holds true when using multiple pieces of mixed metal jewelry together: one bracelet is great, but two pairs or even three look even better.

Endless Possibilities: Colors and Looks You Can Create by Pairing Pieces

You can wear one piece with another to create a new look or wear multiple pieces together to try something completely different. The possibilities are endless; you can pair different colors of mixed metal jewelry with any outfit to craft a style for your look that's entirely you.

For example, if you're wearing a bracelet and your necklace has the same stone as your bracelet, but just sitting there next to it, the whole piece will look flat. If you put those two pieces together, they're stacked on one another or even worn separately, but in different colors or materials. This will make your pieces pop and complement each other while bringing a vibrancy to your outfit.

Looking for a bracelet to add to your collection? Mix and match Karine Sultan's gorgeous set of 15 beaded bracelets. Half the strands are in gold and the other half in silver are great to wear alone or layered. And the bracelets are a bit stretchy to ensure they fit most.

How to Highlight You and Your Outfit With a Necklace

You can also use mixed metal jewelry to highlight certain features or body parts. If you have a lovely set of earrings but want people's eyes on your neckline instead, try wearing a mixed metal piece with pearls; this will draw attention away from your ears and onto the rest of your outfit.

For pearly jewelry, Karin Sultan's padlock charms necklace features white and peacock pearls. The pewter alloy base is plated with 24-kt gold and sterling silver to create an elegant final touch.

Wearing Rings: It's Not Just for Your Fingers

The key to wearing rings is choosing ones that fit your finger and look great. If you have small hands, don't wear large rings. If you have thick fingers, don't wear thin rings; and if you have long fingers, try wearing a ring on each finger, so it doesn't look like there's nothing there at all.

Rings highlight the features of your hands and grab people's attention if you gesture with them while speaking. Wearing a beautiful ring or many others will capture people's interest.

Are you already shopping for rings? Look at these breathtaking dome rings made with a solid base of pewter alloy plated in 24-kt gold and sterling silver. They give a glow to any woman's hand and are slightly adjustable to fit most sizes.

Cleaning Your Jewelry: Keeping It Fresh and Glowing

There are many reasons you should clean your jewelry, but they all come down to prolonging your pieces' life. Clean jewelry looks fresh and keeps you glowing.

If you think about it, keeping your jewelry clean is a simple way to ensure it lasts as long as possible. The cost of replacing multiple pieces every year can add up pretty quickly. After all, who wants to buy a new piece of jewelry every few months?

Keeping your jewelry clean also helps it look good. If you're trying to wear your favorite necklace or earrings, but they look dingy and dull, cleaning them will make them look new again.

Finally, cleaning up your jewelry means you'll be able to use all of your pieces more often, which means that there's less chance that something will get lost or damaged in between uses.

How to Clean Your Gold Jewelry to Restore the Luster

Clean your gold jewelry with a soft cloth or a toothbrush. If the item has small crevices or grooves where dirt can collect, dish soap, and a toothbrush will work best.

But if your gold jewelry needs to be polished, take it to a professional.

To prevent tarnishing your gold-plated jewelry, be careful when using perfumes. Be sure not to spray scents on the piece since the chemicals can have an adverse reaction and change the color of the gold. And keep your jewelry out of the water and take them off before you bathe or go for a dip in the pool.

When the Shine Begins to Fade: How to Clean Silver Jewelry

After a while, you may notice that your silver jewelry has lost its shine; and may be tarnished. But don't worry, you can quickly learn how to clean tarnished silver jewelry.

It's easy, just get a new cleaning cloth and rub your silver jewelry gently. And stay away from harsh chemicals since they may do more damage. If you want to clean your silver like an expert, pick up cleaning solutions that are specifically for use on silver.

Using warm water, dish soap, and a toothbrush are the go-to's when cleaning your silver free of dirt and grime.

Mixed Metal Jewelry Is a Lasting Trend: Start Your Collection Today

Mixed metal jewelry is hot and doesn't appear to be going out of fashion anytime soon. The versatility of having a selection of distinctive pieces that you can mix and match with multiple outfits allows for more freedom and creativity.

Women everywhere can wear what they love, simultaneously showing off their gold to silver pieces and everything else. With the flexibility of exploring new styles and giving a unique twist that's all their own, mixed metal jewelry offers women the ability to show who they are.

Ready to begin collecting pieces? Karine Sultan's Maxi statement earring is the perfect one to start with.

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