Gold Plated Jewelry Is One of the Best Types of Gold Jewelry—Here’s Why

Gold is one of the most valuable and costly metals, and is why genuine solid gold jewelry is always so expensive. But, did you know that there are different types of gold jewelry that won't break the bank?

Many gold lovers have chosen gold-filled, solid gold, or gold vermeil pieces for their collections over the years. However, gold-plated beauties are taking over the jewelry industry by storm!

If you prefer gold but refuse to pay the hefty price for the real deal, you can find many beautiful options available to choose from with gold-plated jewelry. With the new methods and designs in plating, it would take a very keen eye to tell whether your hand-crafted piece is real gold through and through, or gold-plated. The best part is you are the only one who needs to know the truth!

Do you want to learn more about gold-plated jewelry and the benefits these pieces offer you? Read on to learn about the beauty and superior construction of gold-plated jewelry. You will discover what makes Karine Sultan jewelry unique and sought after while exploring our vast collection of hand-crafted pieces.

What Is Gold-Plated Jewelry?

If you are looking for high-quality gold jewelry but believe real gold is out of your price range, then a piece of gold-plated jewelry is the ideal option! Gold plated jewelry has the same appearance as authentic gold jewelry but is far less expensive. With gold-plated pieces, you can get more while spending less!

Gold-plating is layered on top of less expensive metal, such as copper or brass, to create a solid gold look to the jewelry. Karine Sultan uses pewter as the base metal because of its flexible nature. Pewter's unique pliability makes it possible to create elegant and more complex designs.

If the jewelry has a base metal of copper or brass, it may leave a mark on your skin or cause a reaction if your skin is sensitive. Pewter, on the other hand, will not tarnish like silver.

It also will not turn your skin like other metals. That is why we choose only the best base metal for your jewelry purchase, setting our pieces apart from the rest!

Gold-Plated Jewelry Is Beautiful and Affordable 

The purity and thickness of the gold coating, the base metal used for the piece, and the level of craftsmanship, all influence the quality of gold plating. Today, it is hard to discern real gold from gold-plated jewelry by looking at it, making it easy on the eyes and the pocketbook.

Plated gold jewelry has been increasing in trend in recent years. While there are several reasons for this, one of the most important is the low cost of gold-plated jewelry.

Because plated jewelry is not composed of pure gold, it is much less expensive to buy than solid gold jewelry; nonetheless, the appearance is comparable! As a result, you can have a lovely gold-colored piece for a fraction of the cost of pure gold. You can turn heads without breaking the bank by wearing gold-plated jewelry.

These Karine Sultan gold earrings are an organic pendant style that will upgrade any outfit. Wear them with a flowy dress and sandals. Or, along with a blazer, t-shirt, and jeans.

Gold-plated jewelry is the perfect alternative for those who love jewelry but are on a tight budget. It gives the appearance of luxury without forcing you to spend a fortune every time you see a charming, trendy gold bracelet or necklace.

It allows you to accessorize with all of the current, hottest jewelry styles without having to worry about the expense. No longer is it necessary to spend a million dollars to look like a superstar. You can spot the trends and pick up a comparable gold-plated piece from our site!

Is Gold Plated Jewelry Real Gold?

There are different perspectives on whether gold-plated jewelry is genuine gold. Even if the jewelry contains gold, it is usually in trace amounts. As mentioned, the jewelry created has gold plating over a low-cost metal.

But remember, the best type of gold jewelry is the kind you find yourself reaching for time and time again, whether solid or plated. Take, for instance, this gold collar necklace from Karine adorned with an ornate coin. This item is a unique and versatile gold-plated piece that will compliment any outfit.

What Are the Benefits of Gold-Plated Jewelry? 

There are numerous benefits of indulging your love of gold with gold-plated pieces. Check out the advantages you will receive when you wear beautiful gold-plated jewelry:

Look Like a Fortune Without Spending One

Gold-plated jewelry is less expensive than solid gold jewelry. Nobody will see that the piece is not 100 percent pure because of its coverage in gold on the outside.

Many people wish to wear gold jewelry but are hesitant due to the high cost. Because of gold-plating, anyone can wear gold jewelry without worrying about the cost incurred with solid gold pieces. 

Because it is so expensive, solid gold jewelry is a luxury only a few can afford. If you like the look of gold but do not wish to spend a ton of money on it, gold-plating will be a viable option for you. Gold-plating is an inexpensive option compared to solid gold.

When you take care of the plating, it is hard to distinguish any difference between the two. No one will know you spent a fraction of the cost of solid gold when you wear them.

Stands the Test of Time

One of the most significant advantages of wearing gold-plated jewelry is its strength and durability. The jewelry will have a robust exterior while still having an appealing finish on the piece.

Avoid purchasing the cheapest option if you want to get the most out of your investment. The plating on more expensive pieces is usually thicker. Not only will this increase longevity, but it will also slow down the wear of the coating.

Adds Style for Miles

Are you looking to add an updated charm or a trendy edge to your attire? Then, gold-plated jewelry has your back. Like pure gold jewelry, plated pieces can lend a unique style to your wardrobe.

Because plated jewelry uses inexpensive base metals, you can dress up without breaking your budget! Gold-plated jewelry will add refinement and elegance to any outfit, like the real thing. Our hand-crafted jewelry has a textured hammered, polished, or brushed finish that lends an authentic gold look and feel.

Crystal jewels, druzies, natural stones, and leather get coupled with the shimmer of beads, or soft, faux glass and freshwater pearls. These adornments are cast, forged, and molded into our designs. So, if you are on the search for extra special jewelry to add your signature style, you will find it among our vast collection of beautiful and inspired pieces.

So Many Designs, so Little Time

In comparison to solid gold, plated jewelry comes in a range of styles that surpasses that of its counterpart. Since most metals are usable as the base, jewelers have more design options. There are fewer complications when creating a design on the surface of plated jewelry.

That means you will benefit from the designer having more freedom to express themselves in their jewelry designs. Patterned jewelry will offer variety to your jewelry box and make accessorizing a breeze.

You can check out this patterned piece to see what we mean. A girl needs her options. With gold-plated pieces, your options are endless!

No Need to Risk It for the Biscuit

Gold plated jewelry has been a go-to for decades because it has the brilliance and appeal of real gold. The negative properties of pure gold are minimized with plating since the jewelry incorporates a range of metals.

Pure gold, for example, is a very soft metal. As a result, it is susceptible to denting or damage over time. Other alloy metals added to the gold plating solution enhance the strength and longevity of the jewelry.

You do not have to worry about babying your pieces as much as you would with solid gold. Gold-plated jewelry is resilient and resists the bumps and scrapes that other solid gold jewelry will succumb to.

Not to mention if you were to lose one of your solid gold pieces! It is upsetting to lose a beloved ring, bracelet, or necklace. But, with plated gold, you can afford to replace your lost or stolen treasure.

Also, consider that unlike sterling silver or solid gold jewelry, your gold-plated pieces will not lose or change in value with market fluctuations. It’s a win-win!

You Will Look Marvelous, Darling

The beauty of plated jewelry is that it appears to be expensive even when it is not. But, no one needs to know that you are not wearing a solid gold piece and did not have to drop your entire paycheck on it. 

Over-sized links are one of the top trends for necklaces in 2022, as seen on the runways. Opt for large gold chains this season, which can be worn alone or paired with other over-the-top pieces to make a big statement. We have a beautiful selection to check off on your wish list.

Our entire collection has the base metal of pewter with sterling silver or 24 karat gold. Our products are nickel-free, lead-free, and hypoallergenic. So, not only do the pieces look like authentic gold, but they wear like the real deal.

Cleaning Your Brilliant Baubles

Fortunately, you do not always need to send your jewelry to a professional to clean it, even if the piece is delicate or pricey. To eliminate surface grime and smudges, wipe off every item of gold-plated jewelry you own with a damp cotton ball or a microfiber cloth after wearing it.

A more thorough cleaning is necessary if your gold-plated jewelry came into contact with chlorine, acids, alcohol, or sulfur compounds. This is because these chemicals can tarnish base metals.

Our base metal of pewter does not tarnish easily. And, it is more resistant to scratches and marks than base metals used by other jewelry designers.

How to Maintain Your Gold-Plated Treasures

Taking care of your jewelry is the simplest method to keep it looking dazzling and expensive. Remove your pieces when you get home and arrange each item on a flat surface. Wipe them down with a microfiber cloth to remove any oils or dirt from your body.

You should also avoid showering while wearing your gold-plated pieces. Try to stay away from lotions and scents. But, if you must, spritz your perfume or layer your lotion and allow them to dry before putting on your jewelry.

Taking this step to protect the shape and integrity of your jewelry will prevent it from becoming dull and caked-on with grime. Water babies, never, ever, wear your gold-plated jewelry in the ocean or the pool!

Furthermore, we advise you not to wear your jewelry when sleeping or participating in sports. Following these guidelines will keep your pieces in good condition for longer and make cleaning a breeze when needed.

When you remove your gold-plated jewelry, try not to throw them all in a heap. Keep each piece from rubbing against one another by storing them separately.

When not wearing them, wrap each item in a soft cloth or tissue paper. If you know how to maintain and protect gold-plated jewelry from scratches and fading, it will stay bright and sparkle for a long time.

What Types of Gold Jewelry Make Your Heart Pitter-Patter?

Whatever types of gold jewelry tug at your heart, be assured you will find what you are looking for in gold-plated pieces. You should always choose styles with artistry and detail in their craftsmanship if you want your jewelry to look genuine.

Choose plated pieces designed with attention to detail. Doing this will give you a beautiful piece that will last for years.

Karine Sultan creates pieces with your comfort in mind. They are lightweight, allowing you the luxury to wear them for hours! Contact us or check out our Blog section for information on styling yourself with gold-plated jewelry. 

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