What Are the Different Styles of Clip On Earrings?

Nothing compliments an outfit like the perfect pair of earrings. After all, earrings are one of the easiest ways to make your favorite blouse stand out. Yet, if you aren't a fan of needles or don't have your ears pierced, you may think earrings aren't for you. The good news is the alternative to traditional earrings is clip-on earrings.

While clip-on styles were limited years ago, that is undoubtedly a thing of the past. There is a variety of clip on earring styles to choose from. If you are new to clip on earrings or just curious about broadening your style of earrings, you will want to keep reading. 

Here's what you need to know about clip on earrings and finding the right style for you. 

The History of Clip On Earrings 

To know where you're headed you must know where you started, and clip on earrings are no expectation. As history would have it embellishing your ears with rings and fine jewelry symbolized wealth and status. 

Pierced ears were viewed as a luxury only reserved for the most majestic royals. As women of the 19th century abandoned their bonnets, a real turning point in the history of earrings was ushered in.

Yet disapproval of pierced ears by the Victorians almost stopped earrings from becoming the fashion symbol they are today. The need for an earring that could be worn without having pierced ears became an everyday necessity. That's when clip-on earrings debuted as a reasonable solution in the early 20th century.  

As early as the 1930s to the 1950s clip on earrings gained traction in a big way. There was a plethora of clip on styles that were submitted to be patented during this time. While not every clip on earring style lasted throughout history, there are a few styles that have remained popular.

Popular Clip On Earring Styles

One of the most popular clip on earring style is the hoop clip on. 

This design is commonly seen today. Hoop earrings are a true fashion statement. Unlike pendant or stud clip on earrings, hoops can be seen if your hair is up in a ponytail or if you are rocking luscious curls. 

Hoop clip on earrings has stood the test of time because of their simplicity. Earring lovers find hoop clip on earrings are easy to wear and style. This design style is classic and can give your outfit a sense of edginesses that you may be looking for. 

Another clip on earrings style that is popular is  the hanging clip on. This design is excellent for people who want to appear to have traditional pierced ears. They are suitable for fancier types of earrings like wedding earrings or those worn to prom.

Hanging style clip on earrings can also be an excellent addition to your night-out wardrobe. They can add flare to a nice blazer, jeans, and cami outfit. You can pair them with a matching necklace or style them with some cute heels, flats, or loafers.

The versatility that hanging clip on earrings gives makes them perfect to wear during any season.

If you love pearl earrings, choosing the popular pearl-designed clip ons makes sense. This seems to be a favorite amongst earring wearers because the design has become increasingly popular. One of the main reasons for its popularity is it adds of touch of elegance that traditional pearls give with a major fashion upgrade. 

These clip-on earrings are lightweight and comfortable, making them perfect for brunch or office wear. If you like to wear studs or dangling earring pieces, pearl-designed clips on earrings come in both styles and provide a real contrast to any look. 

Other Types Of Clip On Styles 

While it's easy to see why hoop, hanging, and pearl are popular choices among clip on earring wearers, there are a few other styles that are worth mentioning. For example, invisible clip on earrings are relatively new to the clip on scene but are growing in popularity. 

That's because these earrings provide the illusion of looking like traditional earrings for pierced ears.

It is also worth mentioning the modern clip on as it takes the best of all designs. Modern clip on earrings is ideal for any person, occasion, or style.

For example, modern clip ons can be square, rectangular, or circular. They can come in gold, silver, rose gold, or mixed metal allowing you to choose the style that works best with your skin tone or bring out the color in your eyes.

Complementary and analogous modern clip on earrings styles can also feature different color schemes you can build any look with. They are the true definition of an all-around clip on earring.

Clip On Earring Collections 

While clip on earrings can be enjoyed by everyone, there are a few clip on collections that can add a bit of wow factor to your wardrobe.

Take, for example, the Starburst clip on earrings. They are a part of a unique collection by Karine Sultan. An authentic statement piece in the world of clip on earrings, these can make anyone wearing them feel like royalty. From their bolstering design resembling fireworks, these clip ons are sure to grab attention.

This style of earrings should be saved for those who want to make a bold declaration in the name of fashion. These tasteful clip on earrings will make a stunning addition to your overall look. 

Another clip on earring collection to consider is the Bee Collection clip on earrings. Featuring jasper, pearl, and gold embellishments clip ons, you would "bee" crazy not to have a pair in your clip on earring collection. 

Ready to Find The Perfect Clip on Earrings?

As you see clip on earrings has gotten a significant upgrade. From pendant style to modern clip on earrings, there are plenty of options to choose from. The best advice is to find a clothing and fashion store that can provide the looks you want. 

Looking for a new pair of clip on earrings that will bring your outfit to life? Visit our website today to find the latest styles for a fashionista like yourself. 

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