The Perfect Group Gift for Bridesmaids

Everyone gets a little stressed out before the big day, the snappy, demanding, and frankly unseemly displays that used to be popularized as the bride’s right have been dwindling to nothing. Modern brides would like to keep their friends after the ceremony is over. To that end, there has been a renewed interest in bridesmaid gifts. Picking a gift both thoughtful and useful is the goal, and many brides are turning toward appropriate jewelry selections to fulfill their needs. While a bridesmaid may never find a way to wear that dress again, her jewelry could be a different story.

Bracelets are universal

Everyone has a different taste when it comes to necklaces. Finding one necklace that will please (and flatter) every bridesmaid could take longer than picking out the wedding gown! That means bracelets are a better choice for a universal gift. A chunky gold cuff is trendy and looks great on anyone. The best part is that while they’re definitely nice enough to be in all the wedding photos, they’re not impossible to pair with other outfits. A good example of the universal bracelet cuff is the elegant Anne in gold, also seen on the beautiful Maria Sharapova! Shop for it here.
Once you’re off on your honeymoon, the still-single ladies in your bridal party can toss on their party clothes and hit the town. Their Anne cuff will be a solid style addition. If you’ve ever been a bridesmaid before, you know how rare that is of most bridal party attire.
Best of all, bracelets don’t need to be sized as closely as other jewelry items. Every member of your bridal party can find one to fit, and if you choose a cuff like the Anne, it doesn’t even have to slide over the hand to be worn.

You can still make the Maid of Honor unique

When you’re working with jewelry, it’s also easier to make the Maid or Matron of Honor’s gift unique. You want to give them a little extra present to go with the heaping helping of work that they’ve got on their plate. If you do settle on the Anne for the bridesmaids, consider getting the Maid of Honor the Alexia. This cuff is just slightly upscale from the general cuff; still gold, elegant, and beautiful, but with a diamond accent to show her the special place she carries in the bridal party. Take a closer look at it here.
By simply making a slight change to the bracelet given to the Maid of Honor, you can also avoid jealousy. Brides need to be on the lookout for jealousy, especially when you have several very close friends in your bridal party. The bride’s emotions aren’t the only ones running high during wedding planning. Getting the Maid of Honor a bracelet and everyone else decorative soaps can send an unintentionally hurtful message.
There are many gifts that a bridal party could receive. Jewelry is one of the few that is both universal and personal. They can wear it again after the wedding, but it will always carry those special memories. There are enough options to make sure you find the perfect jewelry look for your wedding photos and the bridesmaids who will receive them.

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