15 Ideas for How To Style Gold Jewelry To Create Chic Looks

People have been adorning themselves with gold jewelry for 25,000 years, so it only makes sense that this classic material is still in style. 

Jewelry made from gold is comfortable, has a great feel, and is incredibly stylish. In today's fashion world, gold jewelry is making a comeback. You can add a touch of gold to any outfit regardless of the current fashion trend.

Do you have some gold jewelry that you are dying to add to your wardrobe? If so, we've got you covered with the top fifteen ways to style your gold jewelry 

1. Gold Jewelry and All Black Outfits 

Nothing says chic like an all-black outfit. Anything from a little black dress to skinny black jeans looks effortlessly cool with the right accessories. 

Spice up your black look by adding some bold gold jewelry to your style. A pair of gold earrings and a long necklace will stand out against the dark backdrop. 

2. Gold Hoops Never Fail 

If you feel like your outfit needs a little inspiration, a pair of gold hoops will never look out of place. These earrings are a classic option that goes with almost any outfit style. 

For a casual look, wear a smaller, more subtle hoop. If you are wearing your hair up, make your hoops large and the focal point of your outfit. 

3. Layer Necklaces for Sophistication 

What is better than one necklace? Many necklaces!

Find several gold chains of varying lengths and wear them all at once. When going for this look, keep the necklaces fairly close together so you don't have a large gap. 

Add your necklace layers to a pair of skinny jeans, a white t-shirt, and a blazer for a summer look. Dress this look up by layering your necklace over your favorite little white dress.

4. Face Framing Earrings

Highlight the sleek ponytails and topknots popular this season with a pair of gold earrings. Longer gold earrings will add length to your face when your hair is up. 

You can find gold earrings in both delicate and sophisticated styles. Choose a pair you love that you'll be comfortable wearing all day or night. 

5. Layer Bangles and Bracelets 

Create a symphony of bracelets by adding several gold bangles to your arm. Try stacking gold bangles in varying sizes to add visual interest to your look. 

Gold bangles are another very versatile jewelry type. For a casual look, pair them with boyfriend jeans and a graphic t-shirt. A small stack of bangles will add sparkle to a pantsuit and heels. 

6. Pick a Focus

When styling your outfit and gold jewelry, make one of the elements your focus. If you are going for an outfit with bright colors and bold patterns, try a pair of simple gold earrings and a bangle. 

If you prefer to keep your outfit understated, don't be afraid to get a little wilder with your jewelry. Wear a chunky gold necklace and an arm full of golden bracelets. 

7. Give a Brooch a Try 

Most people attribute brooches as something grandmothers wear, but they can be surprisingly chic. You can find beautiful gold brooches in all sorts of interesting patterns. 

Add a gold brooch to a wool peacoat's left side for a sophisticated touch. For a funky take on this trend, add several gold brooches to the left side of a denim jacket. 

8. Try New Colors 

Have you always been a white gold kind of person? Maybe you've stuck to yellow gold your whole life. Don't be afraid to switch it up and give another color of gold a try. 

You can find gold jewelry in many different shades of gold. Mix up your look by trying a piece with two shades of gold. Rose gold is a beautiful choice that can be less expensive than yellow gold options. 

9. Add a Statement Ring 

When you think of a statement piece, most people think of a necklace or earrings. A large gold ring, though, can pack a big punch. 

If you choose a statement ring, make it the focal point of your outfit. Keep the rest of your jewelry simple to let your ring shine. 

10. Go Vintage 

Finding gold vintage jewelry pieces is a fun way to add unexpected style to an outfit. Vintage jewelry is like a treasure hunt, and you'll get to wear a unique piece. 

If you want to wear a vintage piece, make sure to mix them with jewelry from the same era. This will keep your look cohesive and from looking too costume-like. 

11. Give Delicate a Try 

Instead of finding a stand-out piece, choose something understated and delicate. A thin piece of gold jewelry can pull even a casual outfit together. 

Pair a chunky sweater with a stack of thin gold rings. Find a necklace with a small pendant. You can wear it with anything from a dress to a sweatshirt and jeans. 

12. Don't Go Overboard

When it comes to jewelry, less can sometimes be more. While a statement piece is a fantastic way to add pizzazz to an outfit, there is such thing as too much of a good thing. 

Keep everything else simple if you pick one piece of jewelry as the focal point. A pair of oversized earrings, an armful of gold bangles, and a long necklace can look tacky. 

13. Wear a Choker 

If you want to hop on board the latest trends, wear w a choker in yellow gold. Choose either a solid gold choker or one with a golden charm. 

Pair your choker with a longer necklace to give your outfit interest. These necklaces add just enough sparkle to give your outfit that extra something. 

14. Mix Your Shades 

It was once a fashion sin to mix the metals of your jewelry. Now, mixing shades of gold is a fashion statement. 

One way to keep this look successful is by keeping the jewelry style the same. If you have a pair of simple yellow gold studs, mix them with a white gold bangle. 

15. Have Fun With Your Looks 

The best part about fashion and jewelry is that you can find styles that you feel good wearing. Fashion trends can be fun to follow, but they are not hard and fast rules. Wear gold jewelry that you feel good in and love the look of. 

Types of Gold Jewelry 

When you go to a jewelry store to buy your gold jewelry, you'll find many types to choose from. Pure gold is very soft and not practical for everyday wear. Therefore, gold gets mixed with other alloys to make it stronger. 

Gold Filled Jewelry 

If you find a gold-filled jewelry piece, the top most layers are the only thing made from gold. The bulk of the jewelry is usually made from a zinc and copper mix. 

The jewelry then gets heated up and pressurized. This step bonds the gold to the alloy underneath. 

Alloyed Gold 

To give gold strength, pure gold gets mixed with other more common alloys. You can measure gold through a karat system. This measurement refers to how much pure gold is in the gold jewelry piece and how much of it is alloy. 

You can usually find the karat amount in a hallmark stamp on the jewelry. A piece with a ten karat gold hallmark is 41.6% pure gold. Jewelry marked as 18 karat gold is 75% solid gold. 

You can change the color of the gold depending on the type of alloy you mix the pure gold with. For white gold, you would use a nickel alloy. Adding copper to pure gold gives you a rose gold color. 

24 Karat Gold Jewelry 

Gold in its purest form is 24 karat gold. This gold is a richer golden color and is often found in antique jewelry. 

24 karat gold is very soft and can bend in your hand. In the modern world, you'll see 24 karat gold in gold leaf, not for making jewelry. 

Gold Plated Jewelry 

Gold plated jewelry has the least amount of gold of any gold jewelry type. A fragile layer of gold gets applied to the outer base metal. Most gold-plated jewelry will show signs of wear after a while, but it is still an excellent option for people on a budget. 


This jewelry has a sterling silver base and a gold layer on top. The gold in vermeil is thicker than the gold used in gold plating. This jewelry option is more durable than gold-plated but not as strong as gold-filled. 

Caring for Your Gold Jewelry 

Once you have your perfect gold jewelry, you'll want to ensure they are well taken care of. If you wear your gold daily, there are a few tips you need to remember. 

Gold is soft and can get scratched. Remove your gold jewelry before exercising or participating in high-contact sports. 

Chlorine can weaken gold and cause it to break. Remove any gold jewelry before jumping in a pool or hot tub. 

Household cleaners can also damage your gold jewelry. Put away your gold or wear rubber gloves when it's time to clean. 

Take your jewelry off when bathing or showering. You don't want soap scum to cause your gold to look dull. 

Your favorite gold pieces will get dirty from the oils on your skin, makeup, and dirt, among other things. Keep your gold jewelry sparkling by cleaning it using these simple steps. 

Use a solution of ten parts warm water to two parts clear dish soap. Soak your gold in this solution for up to three hours, and then use a baby toothbrush to scrub them. 

Rinse your gold jewelry under cool water and pat dry with a clean towel. Use a polishing cloth made for jewelry to clean up your object for even more shine. 

It's a good idea to keep your eyes peeled for damage when you do your clean. If something needs fixing, bring it to your jeweler to get it fixed ASAP. 

Storing Gold Jewelry 

Once you have clean jewelry, you need to store it correctly to keep it from getting damaged. You want to store each jewelry piece on its own. Storing several pieces together could mean tangles and potential scratches or damage. 

A cloth-lined jewelry box is a perfect choice for keeping your gold safe. If you don't have one available, wrap your jewelry pieces each in their own soft cloth. 

Where to Buy Your Gold Jewelry 

If you are ready to purchase your gold jewelry, you may wonder where to find the best bang for your buck. 

You can find most gold jewelry for women in several types of stores. 

Online Jewelry Store 

Buying from online jewelry stores is the best choice if you are looking for convenience. Reputable stores like Karine Sultan offer gold pieces you can buy from the comfort of your home. 

Boutique Jewelry Store 

If you are looking for a unique piece of gold jewelry, try a smaller boutique store. They often specialize in vintage or locally made jewelry. 

Large Franchise Jewelry Store 

The best jewelry stores for a budget are the larger franchise stores. They often have many locations and jewelers on site. 

Feel Effortlessly Chic When You Wear Gold Jewelry 

Fashion is all about staying ahead of the trends, but when it comes to gold jewelry, the styles are timeless. You can wear this versatile metal in many ways, making it a great addition to any jewelry collection. It's no wonder that even the greatest fashion icons have kept their closets stocked with gold pieces.

If you are ready to add the glitter of gold to your wardrobe, you'll find what you are looking for at Karine Sultan. Shop our selection today for gold pieces you'll never want to take off! 

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