We love seeing how you style our jewelry! 

#KarineSultan Hashtag

To be honest with all of you, Karine herself goes through all of our social media accounts daily, curiously looking for new pictures of her customers wearing her styles! Seeing you wear her jewelry really inspires her and the new jewelry she constantly designs. For example, our new Levi Y-link necklace is the result of a necklace she wanted to create after seeing one of you wearing a cuff of hers!
(exists in gold and silver)

Sometimes, people wear her pieces in ways we really didn't think about! This too, has definitely inspired her to create new styles. So please, keep sharing your pictures of our jewelry, you are all in a way contributing to our new styles. Karine draws her inspiration from all of you!

Oh and full disclosure... We love your pictures so much more than ours..! Keep tagging us in your pictures, we might feature them on our website and social media accounts!

Use the hashtag #KarineSultan

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  • Meredith knight

    I absolutely love all of my Karen Sultan earrings

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