Gold Is Bold: 5 Ways to Heat up Your Summer Look

The hot weather is here, and it brought hot trends with it. The title gave one away: gold jewelry against a gorgeous tan is in again this year. So are some bold looks that can't be skipped over or brushed aside. Summer 2017 has one overarching theme: you're here to be seen. 

  1. Add a Chunky Necklace

Jewelry trends don't get much bolder than a chunky necklace. For maximum impact, get a simple gold chain, braided link twist, or solid pendant piece. This look is flattering on a variety of frames, and the simplicity of the material lets the design shine. If you're going to invest your money in just one new piece for summer, pick out a necklace to die for. Wear it with a loose dress and flowing hair, with your hair tied back in a kerchief, or with a plunging neckline—different outfits will make this piece feel new even as it breathes life into last year's summer wear.

  1. Add a Belt to a Loose Dress

Loose, breathable dresses save lives in the summer heat. Heating them up with a little jewelry isn't the end of your accessorizing, however. If you want to keep your oh-so-comfortable and almost criminally cool sack dresses current, pair them with a wide belt or ribbon. Tie the belt high on the waist for maximum drape, and you'll find that you can have both shape and comfort. Play with bright, bold colors for neutral dresses, or add a little natural leather to a neon cotton dress.

  1. Color Block

Chunky doesn't just apply to necklaces this year; color blocking is staying through the summer. You can pick up maxis in blocked colors or style the look yourself by carrying one color theme through all your accessories and pairing it with a neutral outfit. A white blouse and navy jeans will be elevated by gold accessories.

  1. Layer Bracelets or Arm Bands

Necklace layering is an art. Extend it to your arms by pairing thin, loose bangles with an armband or cuff in the same style. Add a couple of charms or coins to a link chain and you have a varied look that's perfect for a bohemian chic look. Summer's the time to be a free spirit; ample jewelry looks free spirited and fun. Save austerity for your winter Ice Queen looks.

  1. Faux Natural Makeup Is In

Summer 2017 is looking for larger-than-life but still natural-ish makeup. No need for ruby lips (unless you're pulling a retro look, a fashionable choice in any season). Instead of going all out, cover the basics and enhance them a little. A smudge of blue eyeliner around the eyes (with a little black to give your eyes shape and definition if you're too attached to your usual shaping to let it go.) A little bronzer, or a pinch of blush to bring out your sun kissed glow. Kiss your eyelids with a layer of metallic gold over a smoky base and you're out the door, fabulous as always.

Wear your bold looks with pride; Summer 2017 is about style, confidence, and adding a hot touch to every outfit. These tips will keep you bold and beautiful all summer long.

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