Perfect Holiday Gift(s!) for Your Mother: She Deserves Something She Will LOVE

The second post in our Holiday gift series is about choosing the perfect Holiday present for your mother.

As the Holidat season begins, daughters and sons are searching for the perfect gift for their mothers. What do you get for the woman who raised you and loved you all of these years?

At KARINE SULTAN, we believe that all mothers deserve exquisite jewelry that showcases their beauty. Our jewelry enhances the natural beauty of women and makes the perfect holiday gift for mothers. If you desperately looking for the perfect gift for the most important woman in your life, you’ve come to the right place! Here are our favorite Karine Sultan necklaces for mothers with styles ranging from minimalist to flashy as well as the perfect necklace for a mother without a jewelry collection.


  • For the Minimalist Mother:

If your mother has minimalist tastes when it comes to her jewelry or wardrobe, our MELISSA LAYERED NECKLACE is the perfect choice! This layered necklace is delicate and creates thin sleek lines with three different charms: a white glass pearl charm, a petite medallion charm and a slightly bigger carved rectangular charm. This is the perfect gift for a woman who wants a necklace that can be worn on an everyday basis.


Shop the Melissa HERE


  • For the Mother Who Loves Being the Center of Attention:

If your mother loves making bold and beautiful statements whenever she walks in the room, then the Karine Sultan LANA CHUNKY NECKLACE is the perfect Christmas present for your mother. We recommend the matte gold Lana necklace for mothers who want to stand out though we also offer the Lana necklace in silver and rose gold. The chunky triple layered chain necklace is perfect for dressing up outfits and elevating the look.

Shop the Lana HERE


  • For the Mother Without a Jewelry Collection:

If your mother has never had much jewelry and does not have an existing jewelry collection, provide her with her first piece of quality jewelry. Every woman should have a pearl necklace and the JEANNE LONG PEARL STATION NECKLACE is a modern update perfect for any woman’s wardrobe. The Jeanne is a long necklace in a textured chain with white pearls that will look beautiful with everyday clothing and evening wear. Available in silver, rose gold and gold.


Shop the Jeanne HERE


Need additional help finding the perfect Christmas gift for your mother? Feel free to give us a call or send us an email. We would be happy to help you choose the perfect accessory for your mother. After all, your mother deserves a piece of jewelry that she loves and we want to help you find the right piece.


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