Perfect Holiday Gift(s!) for Your Girlfriend: Get Her Something She Will LOVE

As the Christmas season begins, boyfriends all over the world are starting to panic. What kind of gift is perfect for their girlfriend of 6 months? Of 1 year? Of 2 years?

As paralyzing as the panic can be, there is a simple solution: JEWELRY!

We carry gorgeous jewelry pieces in unique styles perfect for girlfriends around the globe. If you need a holiday gift for your girlfriend, but are in wayyyy over your head, you’ve come to the right place. Here are our favorite Karine Sultan necklaces for girlfriends with styles ranging from classy & sophisticated to funky & fun and bold & beautiful.


  • For the Classy Sophisticated Girlfriend:







If your girlfriend is the epitome of class and sophistication, give her our MORGANE COLLAR NECKLACE. Too many girls have long layered pearl necklaces or classic pearl strand necklaces. The Anais is something different and something new. A short necklace with a large center pearl, and thick curb chain. Let her channel her inner Coco Chanel with this beautiful piece. (without having you breaking your bank account for it!) Available in gold and silver to match any outfit and any skin tone.








  • For the Funky & Fun Girlfriend: 











If your girlfriend prefers to rock a funky, edgy or low maintenance fun look, then reach for our CAMILLE ART DECO COLLAR NECKLACE. Inspired by architecture, this necklace is simple and makes a fun, elegant yet edgy addition to any outfit. Perfect for a simple night on the town or a more formal evening out. Also available in silver, rose gold and gold to match your girl’s existing favorite jewelry pieces.








  • For the Bold Girlfriend Who Loves to Make a Big Statement:

If your girlfriend loves being the center of attention at parties and making big, bold, beautiful statements whenever she walks in the room, then she needs the Karine Sultan LUCIE LAYERED NECKLACE. Available in gold, rose gold, or silver; the Lucie necklace has three layered rows of hammered shell discs with a simple lobster clasp closure. The discs reflect light beautifully and make a powerful, bold statement when worn. Need further proof? The Lucie necklace is a favorite of our favorite shark from “Shark Tank,” Lori Greiner.

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Need additional help picking out the perfect Christmas gift for your girlfriend? Feel free to send us an email or give us a call. We would be happy to help you make your Christmas gift decision and ensure that your girlfriend (or wife!) gets a piece of jewelry that she loves. 

Happy Holidays!!!

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