Pearls Fit Every Era

First off.. here's cliffsnotes version of pearls' history: Pearls began their influence on the world of fashion as a protective device to keep the soul inside of the body and to symbolize purity as well as heavenly prowess for Christian, Hindus, Islamic, and Hebrew religions. (We bet you didn't know that!)


Today, pearls maintain their close connection to heavenly beauty but are available to the masses. Karine has created some gorgeous pearl designs in hopes to inspire women and elevate their personal styles.


Whether you feel inspired by the Jackie O triple-strand faux pearl necklace or by Anne Boleyn’s signature pearl necklace, we have something for you. Pearls are perfect for every occasion and a fit for every era. If you are on your way to grab a cocktail after work or on your way to a friend’s birthday party, the pearl works. If you are headed to a late evening fancy function or an early morning committee meeting, the pearl works.


An ultimate classic look places the pearl at the forefront of the look. Our JEANNE PEARL DROP EARRING features a single pearl encased by silver, rose gold or gold metal. Our Jeanne earring is the perfect touch to subtly elevate any outfit from casual to elegant. For the ultimate upscale evening look, pair it with the matching JEANNE PEARL COLLAR NECKLACE, a simple string of the same white glass pearls encased in metal. 




Pearls originated the bold statement. When you take a large opulent sphere and add it to a collar necklace, the look is the essence of bold beauty. The perfect example is our  ANAIS COLLAR NECKLACE. It takes different chains and mixes them together to create a thick short necklace with two large white glass pearls added in. The pearls are off center when worn and create a modern twist that scream bold beauty.





Now, if you want to try something a little “funkier,” the LAETICIA COCKTAIL RING is for you! It is an edgy ring with a cluster of clear crystals on one end and a large white glass pearl on the other. It harkens back to an era of kitsch and unexpected fashions. This ring accentuates everyday clothing and can work just as well with ripped jeans and a flowing blouse or with an evening gown.


Remember... Pearls are all about bringing a classic appeal to a look while celebrating your individual style. Mix and match fashion from different eras with the pearl to update your look and add sophistication. Need help? Karine Sultan Jewelry has you covered.

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