What Khaleesi and Rihanna have in common: "Bohemian Goddess" Style.

Two powerful women at the top of their Respective kingdoms: Khalessi in the Game of Thrones television series is known as the “Mother of Dragons” in her kingdom while Rihanna in the music industry kingdom has won dozens of awards singing across musical genres from reggae to dance pop, R&B to electro pop. These women have more in common than their status as icons, however. Both Khalessi and Rihanna share a penchant for Queen of desert inspired fashion.

Game of Thrones season 5 might be over, but here are our tips for getting the Queen Khaleesi style. Let's have a look at the BAZAAR ARABIA photoshoot featuring Rihanna and our beautiful cuffs!

Credits: Harpers Bazaar Arabia


1. The Valentino Cape Gown / SABO Skirt

This dress should come in the regal color of purple and should have long flowing arms as well as a long flowing body. This dress commands respect yet showcases the femininity of its wearer. The long sleeves also will send out a youthful vibe while adding sophistication to the outfit ensemble.

You could also check out the dresses collection of SABO Skirt to find gorgeous bohemian dresses style. 


2. The Karine Sultan Gold Cuff

Rihanna wore our Karine Sultan ZOE HAMMERED CUFF  in Harper Bazaar Magazine. Karine sultan beautiful Gold cuffs has been featured in many photoshoots all over the globe, and most recently in VOGUE’s Golden Eyes campaign.

Credits: Vogue Taiwan; Model: Diana Moldovan; Photographer: Jamie Nelson 

This cuff screams elegance with its clean lines and simple shape. The cuff conjures images of the royal Egyptian queen Cleopatra. The cuff is slightly adjustable to fit all wrist sizes and to allow for placement higher up on the arm.

3. The Giuseppe Zanotti Strappy Heel

Find a strappy pair of gold heels that elevate you to Queen status. Not only will these gold heels make you taller, but they will also allow your long dress to sweep the ground while you call on your slaves.


This combination will create a sexy, fierce and sophisticated Khalessi. Just think… now you can shut down your own suitors in true Khalessi fashion.



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