Hollywood Wears Karine Sultan

Posted on May 28 2015

Hollywood Wears Karine Sultan

Karine Sultan created stunning and often praised fashion jewelry pieces in her native France for more than two decades before relocating to Los Angeles in 2007.
Since her arrival she has quickly become one of the top Hollywood fashion jewelry designers with celebrities from Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, Alicia Keys, Joan Rivers, Nicole Scherzinger, Carley Rae Jepsen and Jada Pinkett Smith wearing her jewelrey on the red carpet.

Here are 3 lovely examples of Hollywood wearing Karine Sultan on the red carpet:

1.  Anna Kendrick & LOUISY

Anna Kendrick wore the gold LOUISY necklace with an Elie Saab dress. Anna is currently promoting her latest film “Pitch Perfect 2” where she stars as Beca who is a member of an acapella singing group on campus.

 The LOUISY is a collar necklace in matte gold with modern black enamel geometric designs. The necklace accentuates the collarbones and provide a starker contrast between Anna’s skin and her outfit. It also draws attention to Anna’s face. This necklace is an excellent statement piece because of its bold and strong look.



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2. Jordana Brewster & the LEA

Jordana Brewster wore the LEA necklace with a sleeveless white blouse. Jordana is currently promoting her latest film “Fast and Furious 7” where she stars as Mia who provides for her family and watches over them by working with her criminal brother.

 The LEA necklace is a statement necklace that consists of a series of cutout circle links. The necklace consists of two rows of chains that are both made out of a chic matte gold. The necklace adds an air of elegance to any outfit and is a versatile choice pairing with many different dress and blouse necklines.



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3. Morena Baccarin & the CAMILLE

Morena Baccarin wore the CAMILLE earrings with a strapless form fitting red dress. Morena is currently shooting the television series “Homeland” where she plays Jessica Brody who is a woman living with the disappearance of her husband.

 The CAMILLE earrings are made with 24-kt gold-plated pewter and are nickel free. The matte gold brought out the mini golden embellished dots on Morena’s dress and give her a warm glow. The earrings also help to draw attention upward and provide a sleek sophistication to the outfit.

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Hollywood has fallen in love with Karine Sultan’s fashion jewelry because each piece is truly a work of art.

To learn more about Karine Sultan’s signature style, which involves the delicate manipulation of multiple metals, contact us here.
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